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Keio Alpha



 n Japan where we experienced the most convenient yet sophisticated train system everyday, we are big fans of future train technologies. October 2015, a team is formed within the Graduate school of System Design and Management, Keio University to take on the challenge to design the next high speed transportation system which will realize the future mobility vision of “Live Anywhere, Work Anywhere and Be Anywhere”.


Keio Alpha is the only team from Japan to be invited to the Design Weekend in Texas A&M University on 29-30 Jan 2016 to present the design proposal and meet potential sponsors to build the physical pod to race other teams in January 2017 in Hawthrone, LA.


We look forward to bring the best of design practices and engineering technologies in Japan to contribute the development Hyperloop System.


about us

Lee Kok Leong

  • Background in Research & Development team developing performance of home appliance products

  • Studied motion of flapping motion to understand how thrust force is generated in University.

  • Consultation work for filter housing manufacturer fitted on gas turbine engine 

  • Worked on more than 50 projects involving Home Appliances

Sandi Adhitya

  • Background in IT Infrastructure mainly focused on Network/Security and Data Centers

  • Work on multi-national projects involving large scale computer networking system such

    as National Spatial Data Infrastructure of Indonesia (NSDI), the Submarine Network Cable Asia Network (SCAN) and supporting the Development of Nusantara Internet Exchange (NIX) of Indonesia 


Cui Lin Feng

  • Background in system development working for Chinese Telegram Corporation in Beijing

  • Develop Call Directory System for business directory services in Beijing

  • Work on projects programming smartphone applications 

  • Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional

Natnaree Sopachote

  •   Background in accounting, marketing and media-handling.

  • Work as part-time writer and blogger for a Japan travel website based in Tokyo.

  • Have strong interest in media and background in editing videos, and using photo-editing

    programs such as Adobe Photoshop. 

Daniel Daum

  • An industrial design graduate from Germany

  • Ten years of work experience in both engagement and own business while covering

    craftsmanship, sales and management

  • Specialized in crafting things including sketches, mock-ups, life-sized prototypes and


Cedric Caremel

  • A Phd student and researcher at Keio’s KMD Graduate School in Design Engineering

  • Main focus and interests are in virtual representation and haptic systems (force

    feedback), mechanical, electrical engineering, innovation in general

  • Background in using technologies such as sensors and actuators, C#, Unity, CAD

    softwares and 3D printers 


Meet The Team

  • Background in mechanical and electronics engineering

  • Various projects with university for competitions such as energy efficient Electric Car

    race at Shell Eco Marathon

  • Has strong interest and experience in electric drivetrain and electronics design

  • Microcontroller programming using C and Python 


Chew Vee Kuan

Team Leader

Yoshiaki Ohkami, Ph.D.

  • Former Dean and Professor, Graduate School of SDM,

  • Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology,

  • Executive Advisor of SDM Research Institute/ Lecturer,

  • Former Executive Research Inspector at National Space Development Agency

faculty advisor


See what we are doing and where we are heading:

- Team Keio Alpha is proud to be one of the Top 10 teams at SpaceX Hyperloop Competition Jan 29, 2017.

To get to meet people who shares the same passion was a great experience for us. Additionally, we had a chance to show our pod and share our designs with Elon Musk, the man who started it all, Keio Alpha team members feel very honored by the opportunities we received. 

Keio Alpha team with Elon
Testing weekend at SpaceX
Testing weekend at SpaceX
Our first Levitation
Mock Up Demo Day
Science project for kids


About competition

Provides distinctive & aesthetic shell design and machining capabilities for Keio Alpha Pod

Support university students to innovate their ideas to turn into ventures

A group that invest in early stage technological ideas in mobility and promote STEM education

Support Keio Alpha with their innovative non-welding, easy to pack battery pack system

Support Keio Alpha Parts Machining


Keio Alpha would like to express our sincere gratitude to our sponsors for the generous support. 

Technical Consultation on magnetism research and application

Provide Vacuum Chamber for Low Pressure Testing of Pod component

Provides high grade Aluminum Plates for side track

Promotes Keio Alpha Project for STEM education Community Outreach

Support Keio Alpha Parts Machining

Keio University Manufacturing Center



paceX is announcing an open competition, geared towards university students and independent engineering teams, to design and build the best Hyperloop pod. To support this competition, SpaceX will construct a one-mile test track adjacent to our Hawthorne, California headquarters.

Teams will be able to test their human-scale pods during a competition weekend at the track in January 2017. The knowledge gained here will continue to be open-sourced.



The pod is design with highest level of safety measure. All the main mechanism of the pod such as levitation, propulsion, stability, braking and navigations comes with both active and passive modes. Active mode will be the main operational mode complemented by passive mode to reduce error and at times of power loss situation. Our safety system architecture makes sure the pod is always under control.
eio Alpha Hyperloop design will leverage the technology of Maglev Levitation (Maglev)which has been used by the current fastest speed land transportation system such as Linear Shinkansen in Japan. However, Keio Alpha Hyperloop Pod can levitate by itself at stationary above normal aluminum track. The levitation gives a frictionless contact to the pod to moves at high speed and less wear on both the pod and the track. The infrastructure will be very economical compared to the existing maglev track.






Keio Alpha’s pod travels in the fashion of Accelerate to Top Speed, Cruise, Decelerate and Stop in the light vacuum tube. Current transportation systems wasted a lot of energy on overcoming the air drag at high speed meanwhile our Hyperloop Pod just cruise all the way just like in the space.


rop us a message if you are interested in Keio Alpha or Hyperloop system.


Thank you! We will contact you back soon.

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